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Line setup

  • First step is find out your phone's IP adress. To display IP address, press OK button on your phone
  • Write IP address to your web browser and press Enter and log in IP phone GUI. default username and password is admin

  • After logging in, click on Account. In account go to Line Active field and select Enable (1).
  • As Label (2) and Display name (3) is possible se up whatever you want to 
  • into the field Register name (4) and User Name  (5)  fill the internal line number (for example 310 - see PBX Setup) 
  • into the field Password (6) insert content of field secret from the PBX internal line configuration (see PBX Setup)
  • as the Server host (7) in SIP server 1 section  enter hostname (or IP address) of your PBX - usually the same as the URL of the PBX (for example

TLS setup

 in case that you wat to have secure connection (especially when you want to configure IP phone in another country than Czech republic) is neccesary to choose TLS protocol:

  • configure line as is described in previous howto with 2 changes
  • as Trasport select TLS
  • in Sipserver Host change Port to 5061

for using TLS, is neccesary also to disable accepting trusted certificates only:

  • go to Security
  • click on Trusted Certificates and select Disabled in Only Accept Trusted Certificates 



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