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MicroSIP soft phone setup

MicroSIP is an open source portable SIP softphone for Windows OS that can be used with our PBX.

 The phone is available for download from the manufacturer (please do NOT use Lite or Portable version). To install them, then follow the instructions from the manufacturer.


After downloading and installing it is necessary to configure the phone to prepared internal line on the PBX. Run the installed MicroSiP and proceed as follows:

1.Open the configuration menu by right clicking on the bottom line of the window and you, click on the Add Account

2. Set the SIP account on the desired internal line on the PBX

  • the SIP server (1) and Domain (3) enter hostname (or IP address) of your PBX - usually the same as the URL of the PBX
  • to the field User 2 ) and Login  4 ) fill the internal line number (see PBX Setup)
  • to the field Password 5 ) insert secret from the PBX internal line configuration (see PBX Setup)
  • uncheck Publish presence
  • Transport must be as default select UDP, if you need TLS transport, select TLS in selectbox Transport ( 6 ) from the PBX internal line configuration (see PBX Setup)
  • click Save button

3. Setting auto answer feature (for dialing a call from the Dashboard, CRM, Campaigns ..)


If you have any problems with MicroSIP setup to our PBX , you can contact us on +420 226 211 245 or email

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