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Daktela predictive dialer is an outbound call processing system designed to maintain a high level of utilization and cost efficiency in the contact center. The dialer automatically calls a list of telephone numbers, screens the unnecessary calls such as answering machines and busy signals, and then connects a waiting representative with the customer.

  • The fastest way of dialing calls without exact allocation of agent.
  • The call connect with contact first and then connect to idle agent.
  • It is possible to set number of attempts and delay between attempts in case of unsuccessful call. 

By clicking on the button Add new and then clicking on button Campaign predictive (dialer) will be started creation process of new queue. Meaning of each form item will be described on following lines. 

Note: If this symbol * appears after name of item or section, it does mean that the item will be visible only after clicking on the button Extended. This button can be found in top-right corner of the queue's settings.

We recommend you to use three-digit format for extensions and four-digit format for unique queues number. 

1 - enter unique number of the queue (number can be also selected by arrows at the end of the field). This number cannot be changed later.
2 - title of the queue (mandatory field), 
3 - alias of the queue. 
4 - enter description of the queue to this field.
5 - choose type of outbounder queue (predefined queue type is in this case campaign predictive)

Advanced settings

Allow descriptionif you allow this possibility, it would be possible to write a description within currently opened activity which will be then visible in detail of this activity. 

Enabled - if you choose No, this feature will be quickly turned off on this queue and new calls will not be dialed. Calls which are already being routed will not be terminated.

Working time - select working time during which will be dialer working.

Calls per agent - defines number of calls which are dialed for each idle agent. It is possible to choose among two ways:

  • select exact number of calls which will be dialed for each idle agent, 
  • Dynamic - intelligent algorithm is dynamically changing number of dialed calls according to current success rate of answering calls by customers in past 30 minutes.

Form save time - select time in seconds within which should agent save the form. After specified time is exceeded, agent will be automatically set on Lazy pause.

Outbound number - phone number under which will be agent calling from this queue presented to clients.

Record after join - announcement played to calling party after entering the queue.

Ringtone - 

Max. waiting time - maximum time within which will be client kept in the queue before proceeding to the next application. Unlimited means that client can wait in queue indefinitely.

Record calls - if you choose Yes, calls on this queue will be recorded. 

Recordings retention - how many days will be queue's calls recordings saved in call center. This value can not be bigger than global call center's maximum recording retention. If is set value 0 or empty, queue's calls recordings will be saved for time to which a global call center's maximum recording retention is set.

Multiple statuses - if you select Yes, it would be possible to select among more statuses simultaneously within one activity.


Select records - it is allowed to choose which outbounder record you want to manage (in campaigns will be possible to click on queue and choose record). 

Skip records - determines whether it is possible to skip records in this queue (after loading record is possible to skip it with no need of call). If this function is not allowed, it is necessary to make a call after loading the record.  

Records orderchoose way of ordering records during their calling (Oldest means ordering call since oldest).

Records redistributiondistribution of rescheduled calls. If agents are currently busy to call, calls will be rescheduled to later. If this option is set to No, calls will be distributed again to same agent (might be good for sales provision system). It is also possible to distribute call to another agent - select timeout and after it exceeds, system will be allowed to redistribute rescheduled calls to different agents.

Disable phone editingagents would not be allowed to change phone number of active and assigned campaign record and could work only with default record number.

Dialler settings

Max. ring time - how long shall dialler wait for connection with customer.

Max. attempts - how many times shall dialler try to call to customer with whom was connection unsuccessful.

Attempts delay - how long it takes until dialler tries another attempt of calling to customer.

Busy status - which state shall be used if the customer is busy. 

Reject status - which state shall be used if the customer rejects the call.

Dialler hangup status - which state shall be used if dialer does hangup the call. This calling state would be used also if Max. ring time or Max. waiting time exceed set time.  

Customer hangup status - which state shall be used if customer does hangup the call. 

Other applications

After exceeding Max. waiting timeMax count waitingMax. call time, after being banned from queue entering or after leaving the queue will system continue to Other applications - a predefined target (e.g. announcement, voice mail, etc.).

Macro links * 

Macro links allow you to open external URL address. More informations about system inputs can be found here

Name - only description displayed on button of macro link at activity.

URL - to this field enter URL address of page which should appear after clicking on button of macro link. It is possible to use wildcards which are automatically replaced with current values (all activity properties are available - e.g. $user[title] is the user assigned to the activity).

Open - allows to address to be automatically opened if user's new activity appears.

Unique - allows to open address in new window/popup each time, otherwise the address is displayed in same window.

Popup - address will not be displayed in new tab but in popup window. This window has parameters width and height.

1 - enter title of macro link, URL address and click on gray edit button to set details
2 - by clicking on this button can be added more links
3 - deleting macro link


Category - select category which will be pre-filled into ticket which came from this queue.

Note: If this symbol * appears after name of item or section, it does mean that the item will be visible only after clicking on the button Extended. This button can be found in top-right corner of the queue's settings.
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