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HTML formatting works on principle of so-called tags using which is possible to determine text formattting, add a hypertext link to text or image, etc. 

Example of few basic tags: 

<br /> line break (use this tag only at the end of the line, without using this tag will be text without line break) - unpaired tag

<b> bold font - paired tag, ending with tag </b>

<i> italics - paired tag, ending with tag </i>

<u> underlined font - paired tag, ending with tag </u>

<s> crossed out font - paired tag, ending with tag </s>

<hr /> horizontal line - unpaired tag

<a href="">displayed text</a> adding a link to website

For example following signature:

Agent 1 
Daktela - all-in-one contact center
Contact: +420-226211245

can be defined like this: 

<b>Agent 1</b><br />
Daktela - all-in-one contact center
<a href=""></a>
<a href=""></a>
Contact: +420-226211245<br /><br />

More about basic HTML syntax can be found for example here.

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