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If you need to bulk download recording from PBX, it can be done using FTPS. FTPS transfers data encrypted, unlike the regular FTP protocol which is transfering data in open form which can be easily captured, read and misused.

For the initial permission of FTPs access on your PBX, please contact our technical support. If your username is ftp, root or anonymous, FTPs access will not work.

Below can be found instructions of how to set some of normally used FTP clients. 

Total Commander

  • in case that you do not have installed TC on your computer yet, download it from producer's website and install it
  • download this file
  • extract downloaded file
  • to directory where is installed Total Commander copy content of archive (files libeay32.dll and libssl32.dll)
  • in Total commander create connection by standard procedure

  • click on the FTP icon

  • click on the New connection button

  • fill-in address of your PBX, user name and password for downloading the records
  • do not forget to check SSL/TLS possibility


  • in menu File click on the button Site manager

  • configure FTP connection to PBX by standard procedure, only at item Encryption choose Require explicit FTP over TLS

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