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This module is allowing to direct clients who called the PBX to right department, eventually to right agents and all through mere pronouncement of desired option to phone. Module replaces IVR in which are options entered through phone's keypad.

Preview of the window Call steering

Settings → PBX → Call steering

1 - searching using filter
2 - cancel of current filtering or marking
3 - editing in bulk of marked call steerings (window will be displayed in which is possible to edit each item of call steering)
4 - deleting in bulk of marked call steerings
5 - after clicking on this button is possible to create new call steering
6 - after clicking on this button will be existing call steering exported
7 - after clicking on this button is possible to import new call steering
8 - after clicking on call steering's name will be displayed its detail in which is possible to edit the call steering
9 - after clicking on this button is possible to clone the call steering
10 - after clicking on this button will be the call steering deleted

Creating new call steering

After clicking on the button Add new will be opened page in which is possible to create new call steering. 

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Settings → PBX → Call steering → Add new

1 - title
2 - client's language
3 - time in seconds in which has to client tell the request
4 - time of silence (in seconds) after which will be recording stopped - regardless of the speech duration (set at item number 3)
5 - welcome record which will be played to client
6 - record which will be played to client while processing his request
7 - when will be client's request recorded: After beep - after welcome audio and beep, Realtime - while playing welcome audio (at this item is necessary have set items from numbers 3 and 4 correctly)
8 - according to which logic should call steering proceed after receiving client's request:

  • Widget - call steering only sends transcription of client's request to the activities widget. To see the transcription is necessary to choose queue (with form and widget Transcription) at the item Other applications (item with number 10).
  • Preferred number - the call is going to other application and preferred user is selected according to transcription of request.
  • Queue - transcription of request is trying to find requisite queue and if the attempt fails, call would go to Other applications.
  • Custom directions - the call can be directed according to key words. It means that in key words can be contained titles of queues, department or users. After selecting this option will be displayed also section Destinations which is described by following lines and picture. To the section A write key words for this Destination. Section B is working similar as other application which means what should happen to call further. At item C is possible to select preferred user (in case that call is directed to queue). Items D and E allows to add, respectively remove destination. 

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  • Dialplan routing

9 - minimal value of percentage similarity between speech transcription and description hint word (if no matches are found more that the limit, call is routed according to next application settings)
10 - other applications determine what should happen to call for which transcription will not be found conformity (or call will be routed here according to call steering logic)