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Get notified about changes in tickets that you own or follow, about article comments and conference invitations.

 Open your notifications

Open your notifications

The Notifications button in the static panel displays the number of unread notifications. Click it to open a preview of your notifications.

The preview displays a maximum of 5 notifications. Click Show in Notifications Centre at the bottom of the preview to open all your notifications in the Notifications Centre.

Click the title of a ticket or comment to open it.

 Notifications Centre

Notifications Centre

The Notifications Centre displays all your notifications. Unread notifications are in bold.

Check the checkbox with the cross to filter only unread notifications or click Filter to used advanced filtering.

Click a column title to sort your notifications by that column.

Click the title of a ticket or comment to open it – it will automatically be marked as read.

Mark a notification as read without opening it by clicking it or by clicking the blue tick in the Actions column. If you have multiple unread notifications, you can mark them all as read using the green button above the Actions column.

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