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When an incoming activity such as a call or chat is not answered, it will be shown under Missed activities.

 Open your missed activities

Open your missed activities

The Missed activity button in the static panel turns red if there are any missed activities and displays their number. Click it to open a preview of your missed activities.

Click Missed activities at the top of the preview to open a list of all missed activities.

If you only want to see a specific type of activity, click it and the list will open with only that activity filtered.

Activities are only marked as missed if the customer has not spoken/chatted to an agent. A missed activity automatically disappears if:

  • the customer tries again and this time an agent answers.
  • an agent contacts the customer back.

 Missed activity list

Missed activity list

An overview of your missed activities. Click the column title to sort by column.

  1. Filter by activity type.
  2. Open the Contact or Account in the CRM module.
  3. Call the customer back. Use the adjacent dropdown icon to select a different number (if available).
  4. Open activity details.

Depending on your access rights, you may see a red delete button in the Actions column. Click it to delete a missed activity.

Some unanswered activities may not be displayed under Missed activities. This is set up by your team leader or administrator. You may be able to view a complete list of all activities.

If the caller has left you a voicemail message, you can access it by dialling in to your voicemail.

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