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 Fulltext Search

Fulltext Search

You can search for items using the magnifying glass  in the navbar as well as the Quick search field in most lists in Daktela. Enter at least 3 characters and press Enter to start your search. 

Unlimited Retention

In the CRM module (Contacts, Accounts and Records), fulltext always searches all of your saved items.

Limited Retention

The following limitations apply:

  • In Tickets, Records, Articles and Activities that are part of a ticket, fulltext only searches for items that have been edited in the retention period.
  • In Activities without a ticket, fulltext only searches for items created in the retention period.

The retention period is 180 days by default. If you need to increase your retention period, please contact us.

 Filter items in a list

Filter items in a list

You can filter most lists in Daktela.

  • Click Filter at the top of the list. The Search dialog will open.
  • Set up your filter by selecting an operator (equals, doesn't equal, is empty, is not empty etc.) or time interval from the drop down list in each line you want to filter by and entering or selecting the value to look for in the field to the right of the operator. Click  on the right hand side and at the bottom left to show more fields.
  • If you plan to use this filter again in the future, save it as a scheme.
  • Click Search to apply your filter.

 Filter schemes

Filter schemes

If you use particular filter settings often, save them in a filter scheme and load them next time you need them.

Save your scheme

  • Set up your filter settings by following the instructions above.
  • Before you click Search in the last step, click Save as at the end of the first line in the dialog.
  • Enter a scheme title and click Save.

Load your scheme

Next time you need to filter, you can do so:

    • directly from the list of items by selecting your saved scheme from the drop down list on the Filter button:
    • from the Search dialog by selecting your scheme and clicking Search:

      From here, you can also change your saved filter scheme by changing its settings and clicking Save to update it or Save as to create a new scheme.

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